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D.Parikh Engineering Works Is India's Leading Manufacturer of Basket Centrifuges

D.Parikh Engineering Works, ISO 9001 certified, came into existence in the year 1948. The company started with just, employing 2-3 workers and doing mostly repair work for textile mills.

From this modest beginning, today we are India's leading manufacturer of Basket centrifuges. In the past we have executed a large number of prestigious and complicated custom built equipments like Pressurized reaction vessels with Agitators, Heat Exchangers & Towers (distillation columns). The Company has suspended its activities in custom built equipments to concentrate on proprietary products like Centrifuges which are used for separating solids from liquids.

Our Group Company Nima Engineering Private Limited, ISO 9001certified, came into existence in the year 1990. Company started production in 1995-96. The Company is manufacturing Centrifuges under the technical and marketing support from D. Parikh Engineering Works.

Our centrifuges have been successfully working in various industries such as Pharmaceutical (API Bulk Drug), Agro chemicals, Pesticides, Chemical Dye - Stuff, Dye Intermediates etc. There are a few also used in Flavour, Food, Textile, Herbal, Garments, Writing Instruments and Research Centre & Institutes.

We pioneered the concept of cleanable centrifuges in India and manufactured a Bottom Discharge centrifuge with a Fully opening Outer case in the year 2000. Since then we have sold many centrifuges that have a Fully Opening Outer case.

We started manufacturing Horizontal Peeler type centrifuges in 2003 and have supplied 1500 mm dia. Horizontal Pharma Peelers and 1600 mm dia. x 1000 mm depth Horizontal Chemical Peelers. These are one of the largest size of the machines made in India.

We have supplied CE and ATEX certified Centrifuges to Europe.

Customer Focus

The focus of the company has always been Quality, Customer Satisfaction and After Sales Service. In just over 6 decades we have supplied over 6900 centrifuges locally and internationally. Customers have rewarded us for this policy by way of repeat orders. Our centrifuges have been exported to Europe, USA, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman and Turkey.

Product Range

  • Laboratory
  • Manual Top Discharge (MTD)
  • Lifting Bag Type (LBT)
  • Bottom Discharge (BD)
  • Horizontal Pharma Peeler (HPP)
  • Horizontal Chemical Peeler (HCP)
  • Machine suitable for isolators
  • Few Special machines for Textile Industries
Special Features
  • Fully Opening Outer Case
  • cGMP Construction
  • Centrifuges with cGMP Lifting Device
  • Nitrogen Inerting System
  • Trolley Mounted
  • Fully automatic operation with PLC
Available Sizes (Basket Dia) 12'' (305mm) to 2100 mm
Volume under Lip 6 to 1250 litres per batch *
Max Permissible Load 6 to 1250 kgs per batch *
Centrifugal Force Upto 2000 G units *
Speed of Basket Upto 2400 rpm *
Material of Construction Stainless Steel (304 L, 316 L, 904 L etc), Carbon Steel, Super Duplex, Hastalloy (Nickel Alloy C22, C276 etc), Rubber Lined,Fluoro Polymer Coating viz.- Halar (ECTFE), Fluon (ETFE), Teflon (PFA).

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