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Hydro Extractors

Following type of Hydro Extractors are manufactured by us:

  • Standard type are used for hydroextraction of halenca muffs, loose fibre, apparel, hanks, woolen tops.

  • Moving spindle Cheese Package type for cotton & synthetic yarn in cheese form

  • Fixed spindle Cheese Package type for synthetic yarn in cheese form

  • Cake Lifting type for loose stock / fibre

  • Terry Towel type for Terry Towel in rope form.

Standard Type Hydro Extractors :

This is the most simple and multi purpose Hydro Extractor and can be specially used for Rayon / Cotton hanks and Fabrics. In case of Cotton Hanks, the use of Hydro Extractor prior to dyeing helps in getting Even Shades. It can be easily used for Tubular knit and Terry towel fabrics. Rayon fabrics are more delicate and Rayon Georgette and Crepes have the Granular effect which needs to be preserved till the fabrics are finished in the final stage. In this case it is not possible to use the mangles for removing water since it would damage the Granular effect. Therefore it is essential to use a Hydro Extractor.

Special Hydro Extractor with Sectorial Basket and Sliding Spindles suitable for Cotton and Synthetic Yarn Cheese Packages :

The rotating basket is divided in semicircular sections to approximately suit the shape of dyed cheeses. The base of the spindle moves radially when the basket is rotating. Because of the semi circular sections and radial motion, the cheese is well supported and thereby prevents damage to the yarn, perforated tube or the dye spring. This Hydro Extractor is run at very high speeds. Hence it results in very low residual moisture in the cheeses. For cotton yarn the residual moisture is between 45% to 50%.

The process of reduction of moisture in a Hydro Extractor is far more economical than using Hot Air, since the Hydro Extractor consumes only a fraction of the energy consumed by the Blower and Heaters. Thus drying cheeses in a Chamber Drier, Rapid Drier or RF Drier after hydro extraction results in a large saving in the energy consumption. Since the Cheeses are subjected to an equal centrifugal force, the resultant residual moisture in all the Cheeses is nearly same. This condition is necessary for drying in a RF Drier.

Special Hydro Extractor with Fixed Spindle for Synthetic Yarn Cheese Package :

At the base of rotating basket, vertical spindles are fixed on a pitch according to the External diameter of the cheese or cone. The diameter of the spindle is suitable to the Internal Diameter of the Dye Spring or Perforated Tube. After the yarn is dyed in the form of Cheese or Cone, each package is taken out manually and put on the individual spindle. At a time it is possible to put one or two Cheeses / Cones (depending on their height and weight) on each spindle. This type of Hydro Extractor is recommended for packages of Synthetic Yarn Only.When Cheeses / Cones are spun in a normal Hydro Extractor, the Dye Springs / Tubes generally get damaged. Whereas the damage to the Dye Springs / Tubes is prevented in this type of machine.

Special Hydro-Extractor - Cake Lifting Type for Loose Stock :

The fibre is dyed in a Carrier having circular detachable Stainless Steel plates with chains. After the fibre is dyed, the cake type mass is lifted with the plate below itself and lowered in the Hydro extractor. After Hydro extraction the fibre cake form is taken out along with the plate. The material is then further dried.

Special Hydro Extractor for Terry Towel :

This machine has been developed exclusively for removing moisture from terry towel in the rope form. It has a special removable basket top[ which is removed while loading / unloading the towel.] The machine can be run at a slow speed which can be synchronized with an automatic loading / unloading device. With such a machine, the towel in the rope form can be loaded and unloaded quickly without damaging it.