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Trolley Mounted

These machines are used for small batches in plant and R&D laboratories. They are mounted on Anti Vibration Mounts and do not need a heavy foundation.
These machines can be provided on Trolleys so that they can be moved easily between different operational areas.

Optional Features

  • Trolley Mounted

  • Full Body Opening

Available Sizes (Basket Dia) : 12''(305 mm)-14''(355 mm)
Volume under Lip : 6 L-10 L
Max Permissible Load * : 6-10 kg per batch
Basket Speed : 2000 / 3000 RPM
Centrifugal Force : 682 / 1791 G units

Laboratory Centrifuges are provided with Variable Frequency Drive so that Lab trials can be taken at various speeds i.e at different Centrifugal Forces to enable our customers to upscale and thereby decide on the bigger size of Centrifuge.

We can also offer above Lab models in FBO (Full Body open) construction to ensure better cleanabililty and validation.

Available Sizes (Basket Dia) : 12''(305 mm)-14''(355 mm)
Basket Speed 2800
Centrifugal Force : 1331 / 1553 G units

Material Of Construction

Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel, Hastelloy, Fluoro Polymer Coating / Lining viz.- Halar (ECTFE), Teflon (PFA )

Lining/ Coating can be provided not only on the contact parts but also on the exterior body for prevention from spillage and corrosive atmosphere.

* The load indicated is based on mechanical design. However output per batch depends on various other factors and may be lower than permissible load.