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Full Lid Opening Bag Being Lifted

This type is an improvement on the basic Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge. The machine has a dynamically balanced rotating basket with a conical shell for easy removal of filter bag with solid material. Our compact spring assisted lifting mechanism enables opening of lid by a single person. Alternatively, Hydraulic or Pneumatic arrangement can also provided.


  • Easy And Fast Unloading Without Fatigue.

  • Increased Production Because Of Reduced Batch Time.

  • No Residual Heel.

  • Crystal Structure Intact Since No Attrition.

  • Useful For Hard, Slimy, Crystalline And Amorphous Cake.

  • Easy Cleaning And Maintenance Due To Fully Opening Outer Body Lid.

  • Reduced Human Contact.

Safety Feature

Our new locking system for basket top does not allow the machine to start unless all basket locks are properly engaged.

Available Features

  • Basket : Basket Is Conical To Facilitate Easy Removal Of Filter Bag And Prevent Tearing Of Filter Bag

  • Suspension / Mounting : Inertia Plate And Anti Vibration Mounts ( 4 Point Mounting ).

  • Drive And Transmission : Variable Frequency Drive (Inverter)

  • Optional Features Full Body Opening For Better Accessibility For Cleaning And Maintenance

  • Cake Thickness Monitoring System

  • CGMP Construction

  • CGMP Lifting Device

  • Inerting System

  • Vibration Monitoring

  • Cleaning In Place

  • CE And ATEX Certification

Pressure Test

Leak Test is carried out on all Centrifuges. Machine is tested at a pressure of 40 mbar and pressure drop is restricted to below 6 mbar / hr.

Available Sizes (Basket Dia) : 24''(610) mm to 60''(1524)mm (Special sizes can be designed on request)
Volume under Lip : 45-800 lit per batch
Max Permissible Load * : 45-800 kg per batch
Centrifugal Force : 358-733 G units depending on size of Basket
Speed of Basket : 650-1400 RPM - depending on size of Basket

Material Of Construction

Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel, Hastelloy, Fluoro Polymer Coating / Lining viz.- Halar (ECTFE), Teflon (PFA )

Lining/ Coating can be provided not only on the contact parts but also on the exterior body for prevention from spillage and corrosive atmosphere.

* The load indicated is based on mechanical design. However output per batch depends on various other factors and may be lower than permissible load.

We supply machines upto basket diameter of 2100 mm.

Lifting Device

In a Standard Lifting Bag type of Centrifuge a chain pulley block or hoist is required to lift the bag out of the centrifuge. These lifting devices normally collect dust and dirt, increasing the chances of the product being contaminated during removal of solid cake.

Keeping this constraint in mind for a clean room application (in cGMP areas ), a special lifting device in cGMP construction has been designed for lifting the basket top along with Solids after filtration. This system eliminates usage of any chain pulley block, hence preventing any chances of contamination, which would otherwise have taken place.